Tekmar Controllers

Whether you call them Tekmar or Kanmor, the products are the same. These weather compensation controllers measure the temperature outside the building and vary the temperature of the water pumped into the heating systems accordingly.

Radiant Control offer a range of units for single to multiple weather compensated temperature systems. Each unit is supplied complete with outdoor and mixed flow sensors, some units have additional boiler flow sensors.

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Tekmar (Kanmor) 360

The 360e Controller is a weather compensation unit with a single variable temperature system. It is supplied complete with outdoor, boiler flow and mixed flow sensors.

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Tekmar (Kanmor) 264

The 264e controller, based on the mode of operation selected, can operate different combinations of boiler stages and boiler pumps.

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Tekmar (Kanmor) 374

The 374e controller is a weather compensation unit for three variable water temperature applications and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) control. It is supplied complete with outdoor, boiler flow & mix flow sensors.

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