Buffer tanks help to improve the efficiency of a system by allowing the water to be heated or cooled to the desired temperature before it is distributed to the rest of the system. This reduces the need for frequent temperature adjustments and can save energy.

At Radiant Control, our standard Mild Steel Buffer Range extends from 300 Litre Buffer Tanks to 5000 Litres and is available without Primary Coil(s) or with a single or twin Primary coil(s).

The Units are supplied as standard with 9 off Shell Connections of a relative and specific size, along with 4 off ½”Sensor or Thermostat Connections and up to 4 off 1” Connections for the Primary  Coil(s) if required. The 100 mm Flexible Insulation Jacket is supplied as standard with the smaller 300 Litre & 500 Litre Buffers having 50mm solid Foam Insulation.

Our Radiant Control team are highly experienced, industry specialists with detailed knowledge of the HVAC market. This includes designing bespoke buffer tanks for systems where our standard range of tanks are unable to deliver the necessary storage.

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