Plate Heat Exchangers

At Radiant Control, we use our industry experience to find market-leading innovation for our customers.  Our pioneering range of brazed heat exchangers incorporates re-imagined core technology that delivers unmatched heat transfer and energy efficiency.

To provide better and more flexible heat exchanger solutions, our manufacturer has developed an entirely new approach to plate design. Our brazed heat exchangers use state-of-the art Micro Plate™ technology feature next generation efficiency and performance and are available in both brazed and gasketed options.

Using the new Micro Plate™ technology, our heat exchangers outperform everything else on the market with an incredible 35% lower pressure loss and 10% better heat transfer. The unique plate design means your district heating application can even be individually recalibrated to match your specifications – so you choose what’s best for your network.

This technology improves heat transfer rates by up to 10% and significantly lowers pressure drops by as much as 35%.

To find out more about the benefits of our heat exchangers for your next project or for advice to find the right one for your requirements, call our technical advice team on 01530 519666 or send us an email.

Brazed heat exchanger type XB12L-1-20

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