Wireless Standalone

The wireless TP5000 Si RF and TP One RF are the standard Transmitting Thermostats which can be used in conjunction with RX1, RX2 & RX3 Receiver Units. Ideal for use in situations where it is impractical to run wiring between the thermostat location and other controls in the system.

Using secure digital radio communication, the thermostats communicate with an RX receiver unit, which can be mounted up to 30 metres away from the thermostat. The thermostats, all of which are battery powered, each have their own unique digital identity code, which is learnt by the RX receiver unit during commissioning. Receivers are available in 1, 2 or 3 channel versions, making them ideally suited to zoning applications. A two-zone receiver with a shared output heat demand relay is available for use where a common output is required for the control of a pump or boiler.