TP5000-RF Si

Standard transmitting thermostat which can be used in conjunction with RX1, RX2 and RX3 receiver units. Wireless programmable room thermostat with service interval room function.

Programmable RF Room Thermostat with large LCD display unit incorporates real time clock and calendar function, ideal for BST/GMT time changes.  The Si service interval function assists landlords in meeting the service interval requirements of Gas Safety Regulation 36. Dimensions: 110 x 88 x 28mm. Transmitter range is 30m max. Transmitter frequency is 433.92MHz.  Thermostat power supply – 2xAA/MN1500/LR6 alkaline batteries. Programmable operation 24hour or 5/2 day, 2, 4 or 6 events per day. Temperature range 5 – 30c.


  • Range: +5c to +30c
  • Differential: 1.0c
  • Optimum Start Feature
  • Integral Menu for specific parameter settings
  • Keypad disable feature
  • Contacts: SPDT
  • Dimensions 110mm x 88mm x 28mm.