TPOne-RF Programmable Room Thermostat

TPOne-RF Programmable Room Thermostat delivers new levels of user friendly interaction. The flexible dot matrix display uses easy read icons and text information to provide feedback on status and settings to the installer and user. When the display is activated the backlight illuminates and guides are given on the buttons to adjust temperatures or navigate the setting menus.


Chrono Proportional, Load Compensation control is the default heat regulation system that will deliver increased comfort and improved economy over standard on/off control. Standard On/Off can also be selected. When chrono-proportional mode is set, the thermostat introduces a fixed cycle rate on the system and then determines the duration of the On and Off periods within each cycle in proportion to load. The control algorithm used to determine the on/off periods uses a proportional + integral (PI) routine to eliminate offset normally associated with on/off or simple proportional control. Chrono-proportional control significantly improves comfort and generally improves boiler efficiency by optimising water temperature. TPOne has redesigned heating start up options. Standard start up is default giving instant heat at the scheduled time. New dynamic Delayed and Optimised start features are also selectable. Delayed start will pause the heating start up at the scheduled time dependant on the difference between ambient and required temperature which will decrease energy usage. Optimised start will monitor the difference between ambient and required temperature and will calculate the best time to start heating to hit set point at the scheduled time.

Both features dynamically adjust according to performance accuracy each day to ensure most

accurate control and remove the need for manual setting and adjustment.


Features include:

  • Operating Range 5-35c
  • Output Channel 1 = 3 Amp @ 230Vac SPDT
  • Separate User & Installer Setting Menus
  • Optimum Start Feature
  • Holiday Scheduler
  • Upper and Lower Temperature Limits
  • Capacitive Touch Button Control – Home/Away/Sleep/Standby
  • Push Button Lock
  • °C or °F Selectable Display
  • Audible Button Click (selectable)
  • Frost Protect Temperature Setting
  • Independent DHW Channel (Mains Variant only)
  • Clear Text Display (7 Languages)
  • External Sensor/Window Switch input
  • Boiler Service Timer
  • Dimensions 66mm x 155mm x 30mm