Flow Meters & Regulators

Flow Regulator Indicators provide an important role within a Heating System. They are a relatively low cost method of confirming that Flow is taking place within a Pipework System and offer a basic indication of quantity. The units have a regulating Ball Valve within to adjust the Flowrate within the Pipework Zone to suit the system parameters.

Flow Regulator

Straight pattern Flow Regulator and Indicator with various connection options from: –

22mm Compression, ¾” – 1½” Male Thread and ¾” – 1½” Male Thread x Swivel Nut

The units offer direct reading of flowrate through the graduated scale with the Ball Valve for

Flow adjustment.


Careful sizing of the Flow Regulator illustrates very little headlosses.

Body Rating PN10

Constant Temperature 120c


Connection Options:

DN15: 22mm Compression, ¾” & 1” Male BSP

DN15: ¾” & 1” Male BSP x Swivel

DN20: 1”, 1 1/4” & 1½” Male BSP

DN20: 1 1/4” & 1½” Male BSP x Swivel


Flow Range Options:


1-6 l/s (Suffix 06)

2-12 l/s (Suffix 12)

8-28 l/s (Suffix 28)

8-38 l/s (Suffix 38)


5-42 l/s (Suffix 42)

20-70 l/s (Suffix 70)