General Purpose Solenoid Valves

Solenoid Valves are a General Purpose Valve which operates with various voltages, typically 230Vac, 110Vac & 24Vac. There are other options but these are the most common. They operate as an on/off valve with immediate operation and can be used with various media including Air, Gas, Water & Oil. With the flexibility that Solenoid Valves provide, they are a popular choice for many general purpose applications.

Solenoid Valves

General purpose applications cover such applications as mains water control, compressed air control, vacuum systems, water cooling, water spraying and wash down systems. Basically any application where the media being controlled is non aggressive, non corrosive, low pressure, on standard threaded connections, without the requirement for any custom or specialised solenoid valve material, seal or function.

The general purpose Solenoid Valve selection is ideal if users need a basic on/off general solenoid valve having simple choices as below.

For more involved and specialised applications please consult Radiant Control Ltd – Sales Department.


Standard Range:

Normally Closed – Coil Mounted upright is most common (Energised Open)

Normally Open – Coil Mounted upright is less common (Energised Closed)


Size Range:

½” to 2” – Assisted Lift (Zero Rated)

½” to 2” – Servo Assisted (Min Differential required)


Pressure Range:

0 – 16 Bar – Assisted Lift (Zero Rated)

0.5 – 15 Bar – Servo Assisted (Min Differential required)



Air,Water,Vacuum & Light Oil– Assisted Lift (Zero Rated)

Air,Water,Gas & Light Oil-Servo Assisted(Min Differential)

Media Temperature Range:

160c – Assisted Lift (Zero Rated)

155c – Servo Assisted (Min Differential required)

Seal Material:

NBR = 80c (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber)

FKM = 120c (Fluoroelastomer as Viton Brand)

EPDM = 155c (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer)