“Logico” is an innovative hydraulic module that operates a direct Heating

Circuit and Mixed Heating Circuit as well as the production of Domestic Hot Water.

The circulation of water inside the module ensures its return to the Boiler at very low temperatures. “Logico”, combined with a Condensing Boiler ensures the immediate maximum energy efficiency of the complete system.

“Logico” is easy to install, is fully assembled, and the control unit is prewired.

A connecting box facilitates the electrical connections of the external components to the module. The functions of each circuit can be set-up from the room, using a stylish programmable room thermostat (optional) equipped with a capacitive touchscreen.

The heat generator is directly connected to “Logico” neither the distribution

manifold nor the hydraulic separators or any additional circulators are necessary.

“Logico” works with a single circulating pump.

Features and Benefits:

Specific isolating valve between primary and secondary allows an easy

maintenance for all the components of the group without having to empty the circuit;

Overpressure balancing valve integrated in the direct circuit;

High efficiency circulating pump with variable Δp to control the differential pressure

or progressive control for the constant speed;

“Logico” is installed vertically with hydraulic fluid circulation from bottom to top or

vice versa; in this case, the control unit can be rotated by 180°.

Centre distance: 90 mm to the circuits; 125 mm to the Heat Generator.

Insulation Box Measurements 400x500x180 mm.

Fixing: A special back plate allows a quick fitting to the wall.

Max Temperature: 95°C

Connections: 1” Female.


Maximum total power: 35 kW.

Direct Circuit: Max power of 35 kW (with Δt 20 K) and a maximum flow of 1510 l/h. Kvs value: 5,0

Mixed circuit: Max power of 18 kW (with Δt 8 K) and a maximum flow of 1940 l/h. Kvs value: 4,0

DHW circuit: Max power of 35 kW (with Δt