Combi Distributor Header – 2m3/hr (50 Kw Set @ 20oC Δ T )

The Modvlvs Distribution Header with ‘built-in’ Hydraulic Switcher is available with connection options for two individual flow and return or three individual flow and return connections. The Combi Distributor 60/90W-2 & 60/90W-3 range can be used for applications up to 2 m3/hr (50 kw). Specification: –

Centre distance: ¾” Female BSP = 90mm

1” Male BSP = 380mm (HV60/90W-2)

1” Male BSP = 560mm (HV60/90W-3)

Insulation Box Measurements: 120x100x470 mm (HV60/90W-2)

Insulation Box Measurements: 120x100x650 mm (HV60/90W-3)


Max Temperature: 110°C


Connections: ¾” Female BSP to the Modvlvs Zone Pump Packs.

1” Male (Flat Sealing) for Safety Group

                           1” Male BSP to the Boiler

½” Female BSP Sensor Connection



Combi Distribution Header Code: HV60/90W-2 & HV60/90W-3


Applications: Up to 50 kW (with Δt 20 c) and maximum flow 1500 l/h.