Distribution Header – 2m3/hr (50 Kw Set @ 20oC Δ T )

The Modvlvs Distribution Header is connected into the system after the Hydraulic Header and is available with two individual flow and return or three individual flow and return connections. HV distributor 60/90-2 & 60/90-3 range can be used for applications up to 2 m3/hr (50 kw). Specification: –

Centre distance: ¾” Female BSP = 90mm

1” Male BSP = 125mm

Insulation Box Measurements: 110x110x360 mm (HV60/90-2)

Insulation Box Measurements: 110x110x540 mm (HV60/90-3)


Max Temperature: 110°C


Connections: ¾” Female BSP to the Modvlvs Zone Pump Packs.

                           1” Male BSP to the Hydraulic Switcher

½” Female BSP Connection to suit application


Distribution Header Code: HV60/90-2 & HV60/90-3


Applications: Up to 50 kW (with Δt 20 c) and maximum flow 1500 l/h.