SG50 Mini/C & Mini Safety Group Set

The Modvlvs Security unit for closed circuit heating systems as per EN 12828 regulations with power up to 50 kW. It comprises Brass body, pre-assembled end tested, equipped with ‘selfseal’ valves to allow an easy replacement of the manometer and of the air vent valve. Specification: –

Safety Group Set Comprises:

1/4”; Manometer ø50 Dial, Range 0-4 bar

3/8” Automatic Air Vent. Nominal pressure: 12 bar

½” Inlet & ¾” Outlet Safety Valve set at 3 bar for 50 kW System


Insulation Box: Measurements: 140x150x70 mm.


Max Temperature:  120°C.


SG50 Mini Codes: SG50-Mini



Connection Size: 1” Female BSP: SG50-Mini

1” Swivel Nut: SG50-Mini/C


Applications: Systems with 50Kw Maximum Heat Source