VT Zone Pack (Variable Temperature)

Comprises: High Efficiency pump options, isolation ball valves, temperature gauges and non-return valve and 3-Port Mixing Valve (Kv4).  Available in ¾” BSP connections. Supplied with insulation box cover. Specification of VT Pack:

Pipework Supply:

¾” Union Connection.

3-Port Mixing Valve (Kv4)

Synchronous pre-wired Wilo Circulating Pump with cable 2 m. long (6mtr or 8 mtr options)

Union Flanged Ball Valve with Thermometer ‘Handle’ (coded red, range 0°C-120°C).


Pipework Return:

¾” Union Connection.

Union Flanged Ball Valve with Thermometer ‘Handle’ (coded blue; 0°C-120°C) and non-return valve 20 mbar


Centre distance: 90 mm. Insulation Box Measurements: 180x302x142 mm.


Max Temperature: 110°C (unit without pump).


Connections: 3/4” Male Union to the Modvlvs Piping Distributor.


Variable Temperature Pump Pack Codes: VT20255R-C6 & VT-20255R-C8


Zone Applications: Each Pack up to 28 kW (with Δt 20 c) and maximum flow 1200 l/h, Kvs value 4.0


Approximate data calculated with a 6 mtr circulating pump. For specific applications and higher flowrates, please refer to the Pump Curves available.