Gas Safety Shut Off Valves

Used in applications conjunction with safety systems, for shut-off in gas feed pipes. They are available in various voltage configurations and either Normally Open/Power Close or Normally Closed/Power Open. When power is removed the Valves revert back to their ‘normal condition’.

The range of sizes available are from ½” to 2” Screwed BSP and 2½” to 8” Flanged.

When installed it is preferable to position the valve downstream of the gas meter and outside the area traversed by the gas pipework. Please note the following points: –

  • If positioned in the open air it must be protected from rain.
  • Ensure that in the pipework there are no residues from soldering or from tapping or threading.
  • Check the alignment of the pipework connections and ensure that they are not subject to vibrations.
  • Pay attention to the flow direction marked on the valve body.
  • Valve can be installed in any position except that with the coil facing downwards.
  • Leave sufficient space for any future removal of the coil and around the valve itself for the circulation of air.
  • Avoid absolutely using the coil as a lever; instead use appropriate tools on the seating of the valve body.
  • On completion of the installation check the seals.
  • Lift the reset knob to open the valve.
  • Power the coil to check the closure. to re-open the valve the coil must not be powered