Pressure Independent Control Valves

The precise flow control performance of the AB‑QM with a suitable actuator provides increased comfort and lower Total Cost of Ownership because of savings made on: –

  • Efficient energy transfer and minimal pumping costs since there are no overflows at partial loads because of the exact pressure independent flow limitation.
  • Smaller pump investments and lower energy consumption as the pump head needed is lower than in the traditional setup. With the built-in test plugs it is easy to troubleshoot and find the optimal setpoint for the pump.
  • Reduced movements of the actuator since the built‑in differential pressure controller ensure the pressure fluctuations do not influence room temperature.
  • Achieving a stable temperature in a room leading to a lower average temperature at the same comfort level.
  • Minimal flow complaints, as the valve performs as designed.
  • Minimal blockage complains, as the membrane design makes AB‑QM less susceptible to blockage than a cartridge type construction.
  • Trouble‑free segmentation of the building project. When sections of a project arefinished they can normally not be handed over to the customer with a fully functional HVAC installation. However; the AB‑QM with a suitable actuator will automatically control the flow, even when other parts of the installation are still unfinished. It’s not needed to adjust the AB‑QM after finalisation of the project.
  • Commissioning costs, are close to zero because of a convenient setting procedure without the need for flow charts, calculations or measuring equipment. The AB‑QM valves can be set to a precise design value even when the system is up and running.
  • Halved mounting costs as the AB‑QM valve covers two functions, Balancing & Control
  • The range of sizes available is from ½” (150 l/hr) to 2½” (12,500 l/hr) screwed BSP and 2” (12,500 l/hr) to 10” (370,000 l/hr) flanged PN16.