Anti Condensing Thermostatic Valves

Thermostatic Anti-Condense Valves

The anti-condensing thermic valve optimises the connection of the solid fuel heating source to the heating system or to the buffer tank, by adjusting automatically the return water temperature to the heating source at the thermostat setting value.


The device keeps the heating source at high temperature (always higher than the

condensing temperature) in any working condition, preventing deposits both into the boiler

and into the chimney flue, so improving the efficiency and the life, thereby corrosion

problems with the heating source or problems with the chimney flues are avoided.


Technical features:

  • Anti-condensing thermic valve with thermostatic control of the return temperature to solid

fuel heating sources.

  • Hot forged brass body with pipe union connections. Yellow brass finish.
  • Maximum working pressure: 10 bar.
  • Maximum temperature: 100°C.
  • Setting temperatures: 45°C, 55°C and 60°C; (70°C and 80°C on demand).
  • Seal: watertight between the A-AB gates; 3% leak rate of Kvs between B-AB gates.
  • Easy service or replacement of the sensor to change the calibration without removing

the valve from the installation.


Valve Port: A-AB kvs value: 3.5. & B-AB kvs value: 2.3.


Nominal opening temperature: setting temperature + 10°C.


Connections: 3/4” Male pipe union & 1” Male Pipe Union



The valve con be mounted on both sides of the heating source, in vertical or horizontal position:

On the return pipe to the boiler (setting at 45°C, 55°C or 60°C), in mixing mode;

On the supply pipe to the buffer tank (setting at 70°C or 80°C), in diverting mode with installation control function.

To optimize the anti-condensing control, we advise to mount the device on the return to the boiler (scheme 1). GRAPHIC


Available calibration temperatures:

45 = 45 °C

55 = 55 °C

60 = 60 °C

Calibration temperatures available on demand:

70 = 70 °C

80 = 80 °C



Scheme 2: ) GRAPHIC


Mounting in diverting mode with installation control function. Max. Δp: 30 kPa


Code composition: ¾” Valve  suffix “xx” shows the setting temperature of the thermic valve:  eg. 03749-55 (calibration at 55°C) & 04749-45 is 1” calibrated at 45°C


Valve Application:

¾” Valve maximum power that can be managed up to 32 kW (with Δt 20 K) & max flow 1400 l/h.

1” Valve maximum power that can be managed up to 65 kW (with Δt 20 K) & max flow 2800 l/h.