Compact Anti Condense Pump Packs

Anti-Condensing Recycling Pump Unit with Thermostatic Control


The anti-condensing pump unit allows to connect directly the solid fuel heating

source to the heating system or to the buffer tank without any additional device.

As a matter of fact, the pump unit includes into a compact and nice insulation

box the circulating pump, the anti-condensing thermostatic valve, the on/off

natural circulation shuttle valve, the isolating valves and thermometers.

It automatically adjusts the return water temperature to the heating source to

the selected setting value of the thermostat.

The device keeps the heating source at a high temperature level (always higher than

the condensation one) in every possible condition of use, so avoiding deposits both into

the boiler and into the chimney flue, in this way improving the efficiency and the life of

  1. Therefore; corrosion problems of the heating source or dangerous fires within the

chimney is avoided.


Technical features:

  • Anti-condensing recycling and distribution pump unit with thermostatic control of the return

temperature to the solid fuel heating sources.

  • Cast brass body CB753S. Yellow brass execution.
  • Wilo Para Synchronous SC/8 circulating pump
  • Maximum working pressure: 10 bar
  • Maximum temperature: 100°C.
  • Setting temperature: 45°C, 55°C, 60°C and 72°C.
  • Natural circulation shuttle valve: with external control, it can be set on or off according

to the type of installation.

  • Temperature thermometers: 0-120°C.


Nominal opening temperature: setting temperature + 10 °C.


Connections: 1” and 1”1/4 female, 28 mm for copper pipe.



The anti-condensing recycling pump unit can be placed on both sides of the heating source, following these directions:

On the return pipe to the boiler in mixing mode, following the flow directions shown on the body.

In vertical position (horizontal circulating pump axis) to allow the hydraulic working of the natural circulation shuttle valve.


To optimize the anti-condensing control, we recommend the installation of the component on the return way to the boiler.


Code composition: the suffix “xx” shows the setting temperature of the 1” thermic valve; eg: 204MCCS-55-W7 (setting temperature 55°C) & 22mm as 228MCCS-45-P8 (setting temperature 45°C)


Application for a maximum usable power up to:

90 kW (at Δt 30 K) with asynchronous circulating pump Wilo Para SC/P8.