Multi Staging-Multiple Heat Sources

Kanmor 264e

The Kanmor 264e is a staging control with Weather Compensation & Domestic Hot Water Control.   It can Sequence up to 4 Heat Sources with equal run time, rotation if applicable and fixed lead or fixed last.

A large easy to read display provides current system temperatures and operating status. The control has outputs for a Primary Pump and Alarm. Based on the mode of operation selected, the control can operate different combinations of Boiler/Heat Pump Stages and Primary Pumps.

Additional functions include:

  • Sequence a variety of Heat Sources (Solar, Heat Pump, Boiler)
  • Lead Lag Rotation if applicable
  • Weather Compensation
  • Installer and Advanced access levels
  • Primary Pump output
  • Individual Boiler/Heat Pump outputs (in applicable modes)
  • Pump exercising
  • Pump purging
  • Boiler demand for space heating loads
  • DHW demand for DHW loads
  • Setpoint demand for setpoint loads
  • Test sequence to ensure proper component operation
  • Setback input for energy savings
  • 0-10 V (dc) input signal