Plate Heat Exchangers

At Radiant Control we believe in supporting innovation to create heating solutions

that meet your needs more closely and with greater flexibility. Today, by re-engineering the core technology that makes a real difference to performance, our new range of brazed heat exchangers delivers unmatched heat transfer and energy efficiency.


Even though significant improvements have been made across the district

energy industry, traditional brazed heat exchanger plate design has remained the

same for over 40 years. At Radiant Control we recognise that times have changed and

your needs have grown alongside the demands of your systems and the people

they serve.


To provide a better and more flexible heat exchanger solutions,

Our manufacturer has developed an entirely new approach to plate design. Our brazed

heat exchangers with new state-of-the art Micro Plate™ technology feature next

generation efficiency and performance – giving you more from your district

heating and cooling applications.


Our supplier; Danfoss is known worldwide as an innovation leader within the heating industry, with unrivalled expertise in district energy. They have applied this knowledge to the new brazed heat exchangers with a complete range of types suitable for virtually every district heating application and network. Whether your system has varying or constant pressure, large temperature swings or even an untreated water supply, we have the perfect solution for you.


The Micro PlateTM revolution

Using the new Micro Plate™ technology, our heat exchangers outperform everything else on the market with an incredible 35% lower pressure loss and 10% better heat transfer. The unique plate design means your district heating application can even be individually recalibrated to match your specifications – so you choose what’s best for your network.


The Plate Heat Exchanger range is available in both Brazed and Gasketed options. The stocked range of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers use the state-of-the art ‘Micro Plate’ technology offering greater efficiencies and performance.

Improved heat transfer rates by up to 10% and significantly lower pressure drops by as much as 35% make the new range of Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers a good choice in all appropriate applications.