PE-RT pipe with 5-layer EVOH barrier

The polyethylene pipe IVAR PE- RT 5 is suitable for the construction of heating and cooling systems. It is used in residential complexes, hospitals, schools, hotels, offices, shopping centers and industries, both new and under renovation. This is a resistent, highly flexible piping that meets the installation needs of experienced installers.

IVAR PE-RT 5 is equipped with a barrier against the diffusion of the oxygen as prescripted by UNI EN 1264 examined according to the criteria established by the DIN 4726 standard.



IVAR PE-RT 5 is available in rolls of variable length from 120 meters up to a maximum of 600 meters. The available diameters are as follows:

l Ø 16 x 2 mm;

l Ø 17 x 2 mm;

l Ø 20 x 2 mm.