260e Boiler Controller

The Single Boiler Controller 260e replaces existing wiring centres in twin zone and mid position plans to improve the operation of the system, gain efficiency and increase overall comfort. The 260e is easy to retrofit and boasts a number of energy saving features and benefits.


  • Retrofits easily into twin zone (S) or mid position(Y) plans.
  • Weather compensation reduces boiler water temperature and saves energy.
  • Hot water priority ensures hot water is always available.
  • Pump overrun purges residual heat from the boiler into the building for further savings.
  • Auto differential reduces boiler cycling.
  • Periodic exercising protects the pump and valves against seizing.
  • Warm weather shut down turns off the boiler when it is warm outside to avoid wasting energy.
  • LED lights indicate how the system is operating.
  • The Heat Shift dial allows fine tuning of the boiler flow temperature for improved comfort.