264e Boiler Controller

The Controller 264e is a four Boiler sequence unit, with lead-lag rotation, weather compensator and Domestic Hot Water (DHW) control. Unit supplied complete with outdoor and boiler flow and return sensors.

The kanmor Boiler Controller 264e can control the supply water temperature from up to 4 on / off stages based on outdoor temperature, control for Domestic Hot Water (DHW) generation, or a setpoint requirement. A large easy to read display provides current system temperatures and operating status. The control has outputs for a primary pump and either a combustion air damper or alarm.

Based on the mode of operation selected, the control can operate different combinations of boiler stages and boiler pumps.


  • Installer and Advanced access levels
  • Primary pump output
  • Individual boiler pump outputs (in applicable modes)
  • Pump exercising
  • Pump purging (primary and boiler)
  • Boiler demand for space heating loads
  • DHW demand for DHW loads
  • Setpoint demand for setpoint loads
  • Test sequence to ensure proper component operation
  • Setback input for energy savings
  • 0-10 V (dc) input signal