Kanmor tN4 Building Management System

The tN4 temperature control system range of products offers total system integration for controlling the temperature of your building, including the facility to manage heating, cooling and ventilation through one central system. Two way communication creates an innovative solution for boiler control and individual zone control, whilst the overall thermostatic control provides full integration of both the air and water temperatures. The tN4 temperature control system range comprises a number of different controllers, room controls and accessories, allowing you to create the perfect bespoke system for your building’s temperature control requirements.

tN4 Temperature Control System Benefits

  • Adjust building temperatures based on both indoor and outdoor conditions using weather compensation and indoor temperature control
  • Prevents simultaneous heating and cooling within selected areas
  • Displays the outdoor temperature on any room controllers connected in your system
  • Pre-set operations allow you to control your system at the push of a button
  • Co-ordination of zone control to minimise equipment short cycling
  • Remote system control via a telephone switch or web browser
  • Share setback schedules between tN4 room controllers