Flow Setters

Flow setters (also called flow regulators) play an important role within a heating system. They have a built-in indicator that displays the flow rate in real-time, allowing users to monitor and adjust the flow rate as needed. This helps ensure that the flow rate is within the desired range, improving the accuracy and precision of the measurement.

Our range of Flow setters with indicators are easy to install and use. The units have a regulating Ball Valve within to adjust the Flowrate within the Pipework Zone to suit the system parameters.

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flow regulators

22mm Compression – DN15 Bore

22-654-DN15-06 (22mm with Range 1-6 L/Min)

22-654-DN15-12 (22mm with Range 2-12 L/Min)

22-654-DN15-28 (22mm with Range 8-28 L/Min)

22-654-DN15-38 (22mm with Range 8-38 L/Min)

1” – Male BSP DN15 Bore

04-654-DN15-06 (1” with Range 1-6 L/Min)

04-654-DN15-12 (1” with Range 2-12 L/Min)

04-654-DN15-28 (1” with Range 8-28 L/Min)

04-654-DN15-38 (1” with Range 8-38 L/Min)

1” – Male BSP DN20 Bore

04-654-DN15-42 (1” with Range 5-42 L/Min)

04-654-DN15-70 (1” with Range 20-70 L/Min)

1 1/4” – Male BSP – DN20 Bore

05-654-DN15-42 (11/4” with Range 5-42 L/Min)

05-654-DN15-70 (11/4” with Range 20-70 L/Min)

1½” – Male BSP – DN20 Bore

06-654-DN15-42 (11/2” with Range 5-42 L/Min)

06-654-DN15-70 (11/2” with Range 20-70 L/Min)

Adjustment & Installation

The reading of the flow is done at the lower part of the mobile indicator.

The Flow Regulator can be mounted in horizontal or vertical position in any direction of flow. For an accurate and stable reading please provide a straight pipe with an overall length of at least 5 times the diameter of the pipe.


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