In-Base Systems

At Radiant Control, our range of in-base underfloor heating systems are designed to distribute heat evenly across the floor, which reduces the amount of energy needed to heat the space where they are installed. This can result in lower energy bills and deliver a more sustainable heating solution.

Installed beneath the floor, in-base systems don’t take up valuable wall or ceiling space. This allows for more flexibility in the design and layout of rooms in your project.

As we are independent, we have numerous systems available to suit your individual project requirements. If required, we can tailor systems and create a unique product for individual project floor constructions. All in-base systems are designed to fit within the proposed or existing floor construction. Typical systems include screed clip and rail systems, grooved insulation panels, routed chipboard, and aluminium heat emission plates installed above or below the floor joist level.

If you need help selecting the right in-base underfloor heating system for your requirements, call our technical advice team on 01530 519666 or send us an email.

Expert assistance

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