Chipboard – RF


The ‘RF’ system is a 22mm thick P5 routed tongue and grooved chipboard, and forms part of our ‘In- Base’ product range. Routed for either 12mm or 16mm underfloor heating systems, these boards are supplied with a highly conductive foil finish to enhance system performance. Standard 16mm pipe layout is 150mm pitch for an even heat distribution. Radius returns are provided throughout straight pipe runs to facilitate loop installation and minimise site routing.


Ideal for timber floors attached directly to joists, or solid floors over insulation with batten supports. Can be used in separating floors as part of the acoustic attenuation system. Typically screw fixed to joists with glued T&G joints. Boards must be capped with plywood or cement boards prior to installing the floor finish. Standard boards are 2400mm long and 600mm wide.

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