Room Temperature Controls

We supply room temperature controls from leading brands such as Heatmiser, Danfoss and Watts. These controls are available in wired, wireless and internet enabled options to ensure your underfloor system has the controls to deliver the performance you need.  Some of our range of thermostats also have additional features such as automatic scheduling and temperature control based on the time of day or occupancy of the room.

Effective room temperature controls help to increase the efficiency of any underfloor heating by ensuring that heat is only delivered where it is needed. The thermostat allows the user to set a desired temperature for the room, and the underfloor heating system will automatically adjust the heat output to maintain that temperature.  This maximises the performance of the system as well as lowering bills and reducing wasted energy.

We use our experience to identify the right room temperature controls for your project to deliver the most effective underfloor heating solution whether it’s in a domestic or commercial heating system.

If you need help selecting the right room temperature controls for your requirements, call our technical advice team on 01530 519666 or send us an email.

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