Heat Emission Plates – FFB


The ‘FFB’ system is a plate system designed for joisted floors, and forms part of our ‘In-Base’ product range. Plates are made from aluminium for high heat conduction whilst keeping the weight to a minimum compared to steel alternatives. Designed for various joist and pipe pitches, the 16mm underfloor heating system is installed from below and mechanically fixed to the underside of the floor deck.


Suitable for both new and existing buildings. Plates are stapled or screwed to the underside of an existing timber floor deck. A minimum 5mm gap to be maintained between plates for thermal expansion. Insulation, normally mineral fibre, is installed between joists and secured to maintain direct compressed contact to the underside of the plates. Joist notching and hole drilling to be carried out in accordance with the current Building Regulation and manufacturers instructions.

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